Music Producer, Engineer, and Songwriter

Alexander Sobstel (Aes) is a up and coming producer from northern Norway. After having an interest for music the majority of his life, he finally started pursuing his passion at the age of 15. In the 3 years that followed, he has travelled his country to make music, started his own creative collective and worked with dozens of artists, all while building a solid foundation for his career as a music producer.

The sound of Atlanta trap is what inspires Alexander the most, although dancehall, reggaeton, and drill also have heavy influences on his production style.



Dego$ - Foad Noor -Hrishav - Jaxxxon - Kenny Kenzo 
Kid $ilas - Kings
¥ - Magg - MVNISK - Nebbiu - Samir
Omar Noir  - Pappaisjappa - Sli0h - Temur - Viljar Brok