At a young age, Erika started writing songs in her bedroom back in Orkdal, Norway. Music has always been her main way of expressing herself, and even though she never planned on being an artist, there was no doubt in her mind that music was gonna be a huge part of her life.


Growing up, Erika dropped out of high school and moved to Liverpool, UK to study at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. While getting her degree in Songwriting and Performance, she started branching out writing songs all over the UK, Germany, and Norway and developed as a well rounded songwriter.


From its humble beginnings, IMERIKA is all about expressing her deepest thoughts and creating an understanding of deep-rooted challenges too many people must overcome in their life. She aspires to create a deeper understanding of mental health issues no one talks about, allowing people to take part in her life and her way of looking at things in a different light.

Her debut single «I Can’t Escape» is a song to anyone who has ever lost someone. IMERIKA performed the song in Melodi Grand Prix 2021, leaving critics and viewers stunned by her ability to tell stories and not to mention, her unique vocals.



Eric Elvenes

General Manager

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